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He, therefore, made the only choice that he could possibly have made under the circumstances–and that was to decide to go to London himself. It was not an easy choice for Shri Nathji to make.
He could by no means render the same services to Pran Nath as his mother could, but he knew that his mere presence in London would help Pran Nath recover. Mateshwari agreed to the solution. She and Priya Nath would continue to stay on in Delhi while Shri Nathji went to London.
It was a fairly impossible task for Shri Nathji to get a clearance to go to London. The Reserve Bank of India were again asking for numerous documents and papers from London. Shri Nathji had to prove why it was necessary for him to go there. This was a harassment that all intending visitors to London faced during those days. The Reserve Bank was allowing only the usual pittance it gave to Indians going abroad. They agreed to release some exchange for Pran Nath’s studies.
It would have been well nigh impossible for Shri Nathji to complete the hundreds of formalities necessary for the finalisation of the trip to London, but for the appearance of a dynamic young man on the scene – a certain Hargunlal Bhambhani. The man obtained absolute faith in Shri Nathji and was fired with the zeal of arranging the ticket for Shri Nathji’s flight to London. Perhaps it was to grant this sacred service to him that Shri Nathji had caused so many difficulties to come upon himself.
Shri Nathji had often said:

“Bhagwan jiss se jo kaam karvaanaa chaahen karvaa lete hain.

“God can get whatever work He wishes to get done, through any person that He chooses for the purpose.”

Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt was aghast when she learned of the developments. Her heart sank at the thought of Shri Nathji leaving India. As usual, she blamed Mateshwari for the course of events. She had not been in favour of sending Pran Nath to London and she was not in favour of Shri Nathji going there as well.
Justice Bhutt acquiesced in the will of Shri Nathji and knew that this was all his leela, his divine plan to give salvation to mankind.
Shri Nathji, who never went anywhere for any reason of his own, had to have reasons provided for him by Nature.
Thirsty souls abroad were calling out to him wherever they were. Even if there were one thirsty soul outside of India that was destined to meet God in human form, he would have to go. Shri Pran Nath’s illness was the excuse that Nature provided. Shri Nathji had never had any desire to travel abroad. The cities of the world had no attraction for him, he had no desire within him for fame, or name, or followers. Genuine seekers came to him wherever he was.
Shri Bhutt who had been diligently serving Shri Nathji even when all other devotees had been tardy in serving him, at once sent whatever amount he could for the purchase of Shri Nathji’s ticket to London. Albeit he had a heavy heart when the thought struck him that where Shri Nathji was going, he would no longer be able to serve him.
It was Priya Nath who was most affected by Shri Nathji’s going. He suddenly realised how much he loved him. There was no father in the world who was so kind, and so gentle, and so loving, one who never imposed his will on his children, or, indeed, upon anyone else in the world.
Here he was sacrificing his life for the sake of the boys. Shri Nathji had never complained of his own health, but the fact was that his right arm was always painful and in danger of being inflamed again. He was now 60 years of age and this was the time for his rest. People in India normally retired at the age of 55. He was going to a place full of strangers, with no finances to maintain himself there.
The world would never understand Shri Nathji fully. No vocabulary of any language in the world could adequately describe who or what Shri Nathji was.