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The devotees of Shri Nathji seldom realised that Shri Nathji existed in two spheres. The first was the sphere in which he existed and interacted with them, delving into their problems of life, relieving them of their sorrows and sufferings, and raising them to heights of heavenly bliss.
The second was the sphere in which he existed everywhere in his invisible form, in which he was everywhere at all times, and was working for the welfare of the whole world, stopping wars and pestilences and bringing peace and prosperity to the people of the world.
The devotees had become so accustomed to using Shri Nathji’s divine powers for their personal benefits that they often forgot that it was He who was in charge of the affairs of the world and indeed of the Universe itself.
Shri Nathji had often given the example of a glass:
“Look at the glass. It is lying in the open. There is air inside the empty glass. The air inside is a part of the air that exists in the entire atmosphere of the earth, which is spread over continents.
“In a like manner, the avatar is a finite human form which is a part of the infinite invisible form of God, who exists everywhere in the Universe. Thus the fact that God is present in a finite visible form in the human body of the avatar does not mean that He is not present elsewhere in the Universe at the same time.
“He has two faces – the first is his finite human form and the second is his infinite invisible form. The two are in fact one and the same. For as long as the glass is there, it contains the finite air of the atmosphere, but when the glass breaks, there is only the atmosphere.
“Thus when the body of the avatar disappears there is only the Infinite Invisible God who had manifested Himself through the body of the avatar.”