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At the time he had asked Shri Nathji how the restlessness of the mind could be removed. It had been written in the Hindu scriptures that the mind of man was like a monkey who was drunk with wine, and who had been stung by a thousand scorpions. How could the restlessness of such a mind be stilled?
Shri Nathji gave Dr. Radhakrishnan the following example:
An ant races here and there in a state of apparent restlessness. It appears that nothing can calm it. But place a piece of sugar before it, and all at once it is calmed. The restlessness disappears and a deep absorption, a concentration takes its place. It happens the moment the object of its search comes before the ant. It had been restless, but it did not know for what–until the sugar was placed before it. It had not been restless in vain; it was restless for the sugar.
“In a like manner, the mind of man was ever restless. It ran after the things of the world, hurting itself in the process. However it was not restless in vain, it was restless for God. And the moment God came before the soul, the restlessness disappeared and it instinctively realised what it had really been in search of!