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After three months of divine revelations in which the high and the low received his divine benedictions and discovered God in him, here he was back at home absorbed in the mundane affairs of life – attending to the bills, servants, repair work, and the house, looking after his children with the utmost of diligence and caring for Mateshwari as no husband in the world could do.
After three months of being surrounded by multitudes who worshipped him, here was Shri Nathji living alone with his family in his home at Mussoorie with but a servant or two in attendance.
Although the people of Mussoorie knew that Shri Nathji was regarded as the holiest of the holy by people all over the country, and was held in high esteem as God, and they themselves held him in high esteem as such, yet they were not given the abiding faith that Shri Nathji had given the people in the plains.
The reason for this was obvious–had Shri Nathji given similar faith to the people of Mussoorie, his house at Mussoorie would have been swarmed by multitudes and he would not have had a moment’s rest, nor would he have been able to attend to his duties as a householder, or find the moments of solitude he needed to indulge in his writings.