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While Shri Nathji was at Delhi the gentry of the city met him and were blessed by him. Amongst them was the father of Shri Hans Raj Gupta, the mayor of Delhi. He had become an ardent admirer of Shri Nathji.
He and a Chief Engineer frequented Shri Nathji’s sermons in Mussoorie. The effect on him was so profound that he came to Shri Nathji and said to him: My house in Delhi is always waiting for you. Whenever you come there, please stay with us.
Many years later, Shri Nathji visited the residence of Shri Hans Raj Gupta. His father was no longer alive by that time. A lecture was arranged in the garden of the house, and Shri Nathji blessed Hans Raj Gupta like he had blessed his father.
Once Shri Nathji gave a powerful sermon to a large gathering at Birla Mandir, in Delhi.
Rai Bahadur Narain Das of Delhi, who had accompanied Shri Nathji to the Mandir, listened to Shri Nathji’s words and said to him: Your words can even put life into stone!
And Shri Nathji said laughingly:
The government’s policy of ‘grow more food’ had left out stones, so I had to make use of them.
It was only Shri Nathji who could make the undeserving deserving, or the disinterested interested. It was only he who could melt hearts grown hard with unremitting contact with material life.
As he would say in Persian:

Khastgaaraa noshdaaru mi daham
Bastgaaraa dar kushaayi mi kunam

To broken hearts, I bring the nectar of life,
To the captives of the world, I bring freedom.