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Shri Nathji did not forget his duties to Mateshwari and the children and frequently took them for a drive to see the city of Calcutta. The devotees there had arranged for a Master Buick car, which had one door missing. Shri Nathji was always worried whenever they travelled in the car lest the children fall out.
Shri Nathji had always admired the Bengalis who were very receptive spiritually. Also they were intellectuals of the first order, and therefore had a great appreciation for Shri Nathji’s irrefutable logic. The young Priya Nath was a fan of Subhash Chandra Bose and had always kept a small toy statue of the hero in his room at Mussoorie.
As they went around the city, the children spotted some very fancy kiddie cars in a shop. The cars were very expensive, and were made in England. They were small models of the Wollesley Cars in England. Shri Nathji was never one to break the children’s heart and he, therefore forthwith purchased two cars for the boys, which were later, brought to Delhi by train. Shri Nathji would later recollect the Calcutta trip for the excellent cars he had found there for the children.