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The real secret was, that at Mussoorie, where few people disturbed Shri Nathji’s routine, he was in fact absorbed in the intricacies of the Universe, spreading Himself all over the stars and galaxies in his Invisible Form, tending to life wherever it existed in the far reaches of space. Yes, he was the Lord God of Creation, which meant that his duties were confined not only to the earth and its people but also to all the worlds wherever they existed in any region of Space and Time.
At the same time he was listening to the prayers of all upon earth who called out to him. He was one with the people of the earth and also one with the rest of the Universe.
His infinitude was described in the Urdu verse that said:

Vo arzo samaa kahaan jo teri vusat ko paa sake
Meraa hee dil hai vo ke jahaan too samaa sake

The earth and the skies do not exist that can contain Thee,
Tis only my heart in which thou canst reside

Maanaa tamaam khalk se too be-niyaaz hai
Teraa niyaaz mand hoon ye mujhko naaz hai

Thou art above and beyond the entire world
But I am dependent on Thy Mercy and of this I am proud

Shri Nathji, who had been confined in the midst of the crowds in the plains of India, found himself free to walk alone and stride forth briskly on the Mall Road in Mussoorie, dressed in his elegant navy blue achkan, deep orange silken turban, white chooridars, black polished shoes, and a swinging walking stick in his hand, meeting all and sundry, embracing and blessing people, stopping to talk to as many persons as he could along the way. The Divine Glow on his face was ever present. The “Swamiji” of the residents of Mussoorie was back again in the city.