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It was in 1949 that the first ominous signs of Mateshwari’s illness began making their presence felt. The last time she had been ill was immediately after she had given birth to Priya Nath in October 1941.
For the rest she had been fairly active and well and serving Shri Nathji to the best of her ability.
Over 1942 and 1943 Shri Nathji had passed through the worst phases of his arm trouble, and had been fairly well thereafter under the care of Mateshwari. He had put on weight and looked healthier than ever before. The red glow of health on his face, combined with his divine glow added a unique lustre to his personality which was already beyond compare.
Mateshwari had been ill in February 1949 at Allahabad at the time that Shri Nathji went to Chanda, and her illness kept on increasing. There were bouts of unexplainable weakness and aches and pains in the body.
Shri Nathji would be ever seen getting the hot water bottle prepared and pouring little drops of the medicine Amrit Dhara on teaspoonfuls of sugar. He would remain awake in the nights and watch over Mateshwari when she was in distress. There were instances when Mateshwari had to be given Coramine to stimulate the circulation. Shri Nathji did this with meticulous care and great concern, ever searching for the best doctors available.
Dr. Jwala Prasad, Dr. Garg and Dr. Mathur of Mussoorie were the only doctors of Mussoorie during those days, as well as a homeopath, Dr. Goyal.
Shri Nathji got all of them to look after Mateshwari in turns, yet her condition continued to deteriorate. It soon became clear that she was taking the illnesses and sufferings of the devotees of Shri Nathji upon herself. This was to protect Shri Nathji who had in the past endured so much suffering for the ills and sorrows of the world.
Mateshwari enjoyed the crowds of the plains and disliked the intense solitude of the hills. It was apparent that the cold and damp climate of Mussoorie did not agree with her. She also felt that Shri Nathji was isolating himself from the humanity in Mussoorie. However now that they were in a house of their own at Mussoorie there was no question of leaving. Most of all, Mussoorie had proved to be beneficial for Shri Nathji’s health. His neck eczema and the boil under the armpit had disappeared without treatment at Mussoorie.
Shri Nathji would frequently say:
“No matter how ill I may be feeling, I get well the moment I come to Mussoorie.” 
Even though just the opposite was true for Mateshwari, she resolutely stayed on at Mussoorie for the benefits that Shri Nathji and the children were deriving from its cool climate. Another woman in her place would have constantly pressed her husband to leave a place, which was inimical to her, but not so Mateshwari, who was the living picture of sacrifice and devotion.