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Once back at his residence, St. Andrews, at Mussoorie, Shri Nathji settled into the life of a householder and family man with perfection. Here was the strange duality of Shri Nathji’s existence upon earth. In worldly tasks he was as intensely human as any other worldly man, but on the spiritual plane he was God Himself.

Deedao daanist hai naadaan bane baithe hain
Shaane Subhaan hai insaan bane baithe hain

His is All-Knowing but pretends to be ignorant
He is the Glory of God Himself but pretends to be man!

Narmada Hathi had written to Shri Nathji after his Rajamundry visit and had described him perfectly in her letter:

“Akhil Jagat Antaryaami Bhola Nathji,
Bhola Nathji Bansi Dhar.
All Pervading, All Knowing Bhola Nathji
Bhola Nathji- with the Flute of Lord Krishna.
You have said in the Geeta that different people know you in different ways. Your divine leela is beyond human understanding. No one can understand Thee unless Thou reveal Thyself to him by Thy Kindness.
Even the gods, Shiva and Brahma, were caught in the net of Maayaa, what to say of us lesser mortals.
Only Thy Mercy and Grace can take us across. We are helpless. O Lord, you took so much trouble in coming down upon the earth for us ignorant human beings.

I have only one desire left in life now – to let the world know who has come upon earth, to spread Thy name and Glory. Please give my pranaams to Radheji.