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Shakuntala always sang a bhajan that had become the mainstay of her life. It was a bhajan that touched the hearts of all devotees who sang it along with her in Shri Nathji’s darbaar. It told mankind that the Saviour, Shri Nathji, had come into the world, and all who boarded his ship would be taken across the Bhavsaagar, the Ocean of Life and Death and would attain salvation.
It was a bhajan that Shri Charan Das also took up with great fervour so that it came to be identified as much with him as it was with Shakuntala. The starting lines in chaste Punjabi were as follows:

Charrho jinne paar lannganaa
Saadde Nathji ne jahaaz banaayaa!

Climb in all who would go across!
Our Nathji has built a ship!