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While Shri Nathji was staying at Shakuntala’s house in January 1949, a very poor man, who made a living selling sweets in the street, would often come to her house. He was a musician in his own right and often sang while selling sweets, which attracted a large number of people to him. Shakuntala was interested in music and she had asked him to come to her house. His name was Kasturilal.
While he was at Shakuntala’s home, Kasturilal had a glimpse of Shri Nathji. His soul vibrated with an hitherto unsung melody.
Suddenly he realised that Shri Nathji was none other than God.
His entire life was changed in that one moment when he came before Shri Nathji. Thereafter he took to writing bhajans, hymns, on Shri Nathji, and he would put them in soulful tunes that touched the hearts of people. His voice took on a new vibrancy it had never had before. His voice would be heard frequently in the darbaar of Shri Nathji as he sang:

Khuda ki kasam hai Khuda mere tum ho

I swear by God that you are my God!

He composed songs on Shri Nathji’s divinity–which became immortal with the passage of time, and which people in various parts of the country began to sing.

Ai be-akal insaan too insaan ban ke dekh
Dharti pe aa gayaa Prabhu maihmaan ban ke dekh

O ignorant man! Rise above thy ignorance and see!
God has come down on earth, as a guest.

Kabhi dhanushdhaari banke vo aayaa
Kabhi chakradhaari ban kiyaa dushton kaa saafayaa
Ab binaa hee shastra aayaa meharbaan ban ke dekh!

He came, armed with a bow, once
And armed with a discus at another time,
Today he has come without arms–as the Merciful!

Aage to Tretaa yug men Shri Rama banaa thaa
Dwaapar men Brij ki bhoomi pe Ghanshyaam banaa thaa
Ab aayaa Bhola Nathji Bhagwan ban ke dekh.

In the Yuga of Tretaa, he was Rama
In the Yuga of Dwaapar, in the land of Brij, he was Krishna
Today God has come down as Bhola Nathji for all to see.

Another of his bhajans that became a legend, and was on the lips of many, was:

Aayee Divine Light jagat men aayee Divine Light,
Kissee ne inko Rama hai maanaa
Kissee ne Guru Nanak paihchaanaa
Kissee ne maanaa Prophet Muhammad
Kissee kissee ne Christ
Jagat men aayi Divine Light.

A Divine Light has come into this world,
Recognised as Rama by some,
As Guru Nanak by others,
As Prophet Muhammad by some
And Christ by others

Aage jo avatar hai aayaa ussne aastik ko apnaayaa
Par ye to naastik jan ko bhee karti hai invite
Jagat men aayi divine light!

The avatars who came in the past made believers their own,
But it invites even the atheists –
This Divine Light that has come into the world!