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Shri Nathji’s sermon was listened to by a large number of legislators in pin-drop silence. He was given the large throne-like speaker’s chair to sit upon, while the legislators sat below as a mark of respect.
Shri Nathji’s words rang out:
I have not come to your C.P, to see only the CP in it–I have come to see whether it has produced a divine pearl within itself!
Shri Nathji, as was his wont, was playing upon words again. A seepee  (CP) was an oyster, which produced a pearl! Life was like an empty oyster without the pearl of spir­ituality in it.
Shri Nathji’s historical words in Hindi were:

“Main aapke CP men seepee ko dekhne naheen aayaa, balke ye dekhne aayaa hoon ke usne vo divine pearl bhee paidaa kiyaa hai yaa naheen!”

Shri Nathji’s words took everyone beyond space and time. It was a catharsis, an inner purification that entered the hearts of all the legislators that day.
After listening to Shri Nathji’s words, Mangal Das Pakvasa said:
“We had thought of you as a great platform speaker. But you turned out to be something else as well. You are one who belongs to the heart!

“Ham to aapko platform kee cheez samajhte thhe. Magar aap to kuchh aur bhee nikle. Aap to hridaiya kee vastu hain!”