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There was a time when their daughter Rita was about to have a child. She had been admitted to the military hospital, and the doctors there had given a bad prognosis. They had said that the lives of the mother as well as the child were in danger because of certain medical complications. However, Mrs. Chopra was not worried. She went to Shri Nathji’s room and prayed before him in Punjabi, with a fervour borne out of faith:
“Main Rita vee laini hai te larrkaa vee lainaa hai! I want a grandson as well as the life of Rita!
And that was exactly what happened. The doctors were surprised when the mother recovered and gave birth to a boy.
Once Sardar Harbhajan Singh Chopra introduced an important friend of his to Shri Nathji, and said: My friend is the head of the cantonment at Allahabad.
And, then, turning to his friend, he introduced Shri Nathji: He is the Head of the world. Yeh duniyaa ke maalik hain!