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Kasturilal was so poor that he often sold sweets to children on the streets. He would cut down on his needs and frequently stop drinking lassi, buttermilk, so that he could save 4 annas per day, and later send fifty rupees to Shri Nathji. This was a great sacrifice on the part of a poor man. Shri Nathji would try to stop him from doing this. But it gave Kasturilal the satisfaction he sought in life.
Later, Kasturilal was miraculously to have a music school of his own, fitted with a telephone and with many students–a prosperity, which was to be his reward for serving Shri Nathji. Whoever served Shri Nathji was at once rewarded by a prosperity that followed him spontaneously.
Shri Nathji had often said:
“Main kissee kaa udhaar naheen rakhtaa! I never accept credit from anyone. I always pay back with interest whatever I have been gifted.”
Shri Nathji told two very interesting parables on the theme of divine service”