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As the days passed at Allahabad, Shri Nathji received pressing invitations from Chandrapur and Rajamundry.Narmada Hathi, the Gujerati lady at Rajamundry, went on a hunger strike and informed Shri Nathji by telegram, that if he did not come she would die, fasting. The situation was described by Shri Nathji in his Urdu Verse:

Dam labon par hai meraa aa jo tujhe aanaa hai
Mujhko kyaa gar che pas az marg hazaar aayegaa.

On my lips doth lie the last breath of life, come, if thou willst come even now!
Of what use to me thy coming a thousand times, when I am dead and gone!

Shri Nathji replied imme­diately by telegram that he would come only if she gave up the fast!
And thus, Shri Nathji prepared to go to Rajamundry, bound by the relentless prayer of a devotee. 
Chandrapur, or Chanda, was en route to Rajamundry. The devotees at Chanda were also eager for Shri Nathji’ darshan. They had found out from Narmada that Shri Nathji was preparing to go to Rajamundry, and since Chanda was along the route they begged Shri Nathji to stop over at Chanda first.