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Sometime in 1970, Shri Nathji received anonymous letters that threatened his life. The police were duly informed, but they could not trace the culprits. At the time, Shri Nathji had two old ladies with him who had the courage and the spirit to fight for his sake. They were Veeran Devi and Shakuntala Mehra. Acting on the instructions of Shri Priya Nath –the younger son of Shri Nathji – the two old ladies played detective and succeeded in locating the culprits!
Those were the days when very few devotees were permitted in the darbaar of Shri Nathji, and the major work of providing security was done by these valiant old ladies, who sat by the iron gate of Shri Nathji’s house, keeping a watch on all who came and went.
Shakuntala had developed intense faith in Priya Nath and would say:

“Priyaji jo kaih dete hain vo yaa to ho rahaa hotaa hai, aur yaa hone vaalaa hotaa hai!

“Whatever Priyaji says is either happening or is bound to happen!”

Shri Nathji was fond of quoting Shakuntala’s words even as he told the devotees to bear in mind Priya Nath’s inherent divinity and to obey him unquestioningly. He would also add in a humorous vein:

“Ham bhee Priya Nathji kaa kaihnaa naa maanen to sazaa miltee hai!

“If I do not listen to Priya Nathji, I, too, have to suffer the consequences!”