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There was a time in 1973 when Shakuntala had to go to Benares, while Shri Nathji was at New Delhi. Even though she was living in the palatial mansion of her daughter, Aruna Gupta and her husband, at Benaras, the separation from Shri Nathji so depressed her that she refused to talk to anyone, and even gave up eating. Her health was restored to normal only when she had returned to New Delhi to be at the darbaar of Shri Nathji.
In 1978, when Shri Nathji was in Nagpur, he received a letter from Shakuntala Mehra:
I am old now, and, perhaps, losing my sight. The faith you have given me is the only solace of my life. I ask of you but one thing now – let my throat regain its strength to sing, so that I can fill the last moments of my life with songs that sing the glory of your name…
Shakuntala’s faith, in the midst of numerous trials and tribulations, remained as firm as a pillar of rock.
Shri Nathji would frequently say:
Not even Mrs. Bhutt with all her visions and spiritual experiences can match the devotion of Shakuntala. She understands me in all my forms.