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After the passing away of her husband, Shakuntala had nowhere to go. She developed a series of dangerous illnesses. She would come up to Mussoorie frequently in the biting cold and sit for hours outside Shri Nathji’s house. Shri Nathji was abroad at the time during 1963-1967. Later, when Shri Nathji returned from abroad, and saw her plight, a miracle occurred for her.
One of her sisters returned from the United States and gave her a permanent place in her home. The lady who had been homeless only a few days before, found herself living in air-conditioned splendour, servants attending to her needs.
Mrs. Shakuntala Mehra could bear the greatest sufferings in life without despairing, because of the faith Shri Nathji had given her. But what she could not bear was separation from her Lord and Master. She had frequently told her elder sister, Raj Puri: You may prevent me from going anywhere else, but never stop me from going to Shri Nathji.