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Shakuntala Mehra had lost her brother in a tragic incident. He dad been murdered in a running train by robbers. Her mother was greatly affected by the loss, and nothing could console her. But after meeting Shri Nathji, she felt as if her son had been restored to her. Her sorrow was replaced by an inner peace that nothing could shake.
Whenever she looked at Shri Nathji she saw her son, but at the same time she also saw the divine form of Shri Nathji in whom all the souls of the universe resided. For the old lady, Shri Nathji was her son as well as her “Bhagwan”. It was only Shri Nathji who could restore to the grieving their loved ones in this form.
This was yet another miracle of Shri Nathji–to give instant consolation to those who had lost their loved ones and who had become inconsolable. The moment they came before him they felt as if their loved ones had been restored to them in Shri Nathji.
And this had to be so, because Shri Nathji was the Universal Soul in whom all the souls in the world existed. Thus each person found his own in Shri Nathji.