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When Shri H.V.Kulkarni, an advocate, came before Shri Nathji at Nagpur he knew he had reached his destination in life. All the pent up devotion of his heart found fulfilment in the divine personality of Shri Nathji.
Shri Kulkarni sat before Shri Nathji and was so merged in him that he forgot that he had to attend court and argue a case at that very time. As he left Shri Nathji’s place, he realised suddenly that he had missed the court date and he rushed to the chambers of the judge to apologise to him.
Inside the judge’s chamber, even as Shri Kulkarni offered an apology for being absent, the judge looked at him with a puzzled expression and said:
“Mr. Kulkarni! Are you in your proper senses? You just argued your case for a full one hour before me!”
The realisation dawned upon Kulkarni that while he had been sitting at Shri Nathji’s feet, Shri Nathji had been attending court and arguing his case for him!
Shri Nathji had often said: “When you are engrossed in God, then He does all your works for you!”
Mateshwari’s elder brother, Shri Sant Ram Khanna, had had a similar experience when he had been sitting at the feet of Shri Nathji and had missed his office. When he arrived late in his office he found that the attendance register had been signed by him! It was a miracle. Shri Nathji had come and signed the register for him while he had been sitting before Shri Nathji.
Shri Ram Saran Das of Rawalpindi had the same experience when he was with Shri Nathji. He had been afraid that his servants would loot his shop in his absence. But later, when he went to the shop, he discovered that the sales were twice as large as on other days!
Shri Kulkarni expressed his feelings in a letter he later wrote to Shri Nathji:

“I am convinced that you are the Creator and the preserver of the Universe.
“Aap hee sakal vishwaadhaar aur vishwa ke chaalak ho! I cannot express my feelings in the Hindi language, but it suffices me to say that you are my God, my Anusooyaa Nandan Datt, my Narsing Saraswati. Thy consort Mateshwari is my Kulswaamini Renuka Mata.
“The world exists today in Thy Refuge. We live and breathe today only because of Thy Will.
“Your love is so intense that it wipes out all our sins, and gives our perishable bodies a fulfilment in life.
“If it be Thy Mercy and Grace, this light of faith thou hast kindled in our hearts shall burn forever. And even as the moth falls into the flame so must my life end in the Flame of Thy Love. I am waiting for that day when my life shall find completion by ending in Thee. O Thou Merciful Lord! Willst Thou not merge me into Thyself?
The Servant of Thy Servants
Aapkaa Daasaanudas,
Bhau Kulkarni”

Although Shri Nathji gave his darshan and blessings to hundreds and thousands of people at Nagpur, there were only very selected souls to whom he gave the gift of an abiding faith that would last till the last moments of their lives. For the others he was to remain as a beautiful dream that came and awakened the soul to God.
Shri Nathji’s work at Nagpur was over. And it was thus that, on the 26th of March 1949, Shri Nathji left a weeping city to proceed to Allahabad where Mateshwari and the children were waiting for him.