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It was decided that Shri Nathji would go from Allahabad to Chanda first and then from there to Rajamundry.
The Bhutts wanted to go with Shri Nathji and had at first prayed to him to come to Delhi from where they could embark upon the tour together; but it was later decided that they would join Shri Nathji when he was en route to Chanda.
Gangabai Bhutt wrote to Shri Nathji from Delhi that she and her husband, as well as L.G. Hathi of Rajamundry, who was the husband of Narmada Hathi, would join Shri Nathji at Itarsi Railway Station en route to Chanda, from where they would go to Chanda and Rajamundry, together.
Itarsi was several hundred miles from Allahabad on the way to Chanda.
Shri Nathji decided to go on the journey to Itarsi with Shyam Lal as his attendant. Mateshwari and the children would continue to stay with the Chopras at Allahabad till he came.
Mateshwari was very worried about Shri Nathji going without her, and that, too, in an unwell state. The eczema on his neck and the boil under his arm-pit were a cause of great worry for her. Shri Nathji had not taken any medicines for them nor had any doctor been consulted.
It was only Shri Nathji who was capable of enduring such pain and discomfort without complaint. The weather had already become hot. Shri Nathji had long been accustomed to living in the cold weather of the Himalayan Mountains.
The heat of the Central Provinces, where Shri Nathji was going, would be like a scorching furnace for his delicate body.
Shri Nathji would set aside physical discomforts with the humorous words:
“Naukri kaisee aur nakhraa kyaa! How can one complain when on the job!”
Shri Nathji had to answer the prayers of his devotees.
On the night of   March 9, 1949, Shri Nathji left Allahabad and took a train for Itarsi.