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It was the morning of March 10, 1949 as Shri Nathji entered the First Class Waiting Room of Itarsi Railway Station.
Gangabai Bhutt and her husband were waiting for him along with Shri L.G. Hathi. They prostrated before him on the platform.
The form and figure of Shri Nathji were surcharged. He was on a mission of Lok Kalyaan. to give his divine glimpse to as many people as were prepared for it.
Not everyone in the world was fortunate enough to have the darshan of the avatar. Such a person had to have thousands of years of inner purity behind him.
Shri Nathji’s love was overflowing for the Bhutts and Hathi. They were all weeping with the sheer joy of seeing him again.
A nectar of bliss was pouring forth in his words as he continued to speak to them for hours in the waiting room itself.
The Station Master came and touched Shri Nathji’s feet with great devotion. The other passengers in the waiting room got a glimpse of Shri Nathji and wondered who the Divine Being was. Some came and fell at his feet and obtained his blessings. For others he was just to remain as a divine vision they had seen once in their lives.
One of the first things that Shri Nathji did at the First Class Waiting Room was to write a letter to Pran Nath and Priya Nath, which was in reality a letter addressed to Mateshwari. Shri Nathji always sent his letters to Mateshwari thus. It was his way of communicating with her as well as the children.

All Glory Unto Him
Dear Pran Nathji
and Priya Nathji.
May you live long
and succeed in
your spiritual
and worldly progress
I reached here quite
safe and sound. How
are you feeling there.
The weather here is
hotter than Allahabad.
I will be coming back
very soon. I will
bring so many toys
motor cars and aero-
planes for you.
How is your mummy?
Have you received my
telegram? I will leave
for Chanda tomorrow.
How are your friends, Laliji others.
Keep smiling and
happy. I will be coming
back very soon. Every
one here remembers you
very much.
Write to me if
you need anything more.
I will bring that with
toys also.
My love and blessings
to you again.
Yours affectionately,
Yours Pittiji
Bhola Nath, C/o S.M. Attarsi
First Class Waiting Room
Shri Nathji wrote the letter on a long slip of paper in the manner in which it has been re-produced above. The letter shows all at once the two faces of Shri Nathji – that of a loving father and husband, and that of God giving salvation to mankind.
Shri Nathji signed the letter as “Pitiji” which was the name the children used for him, and also as “Bhola Nath” for Mateshwari. Though Shri Nathji wrote many letters to his children, this was the only letter he ever wrote to them from the first class waiting room of a railway station.