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As the Standard Car proceeded down the broken and dusty road from Allahabad to Delhi there was many a perilous incident that was averted, as trucks and carts came recklessly on the road. For Shri Nathji the journey was very uncomfortable in the heat as hot winds blew into the car. Shri Nathji was running a fever of 101o F and in addition had the severe neck eczema and the boil, which were flaring up in the heat. However he endured it all in silence as was his wont.
Victor had a steady hand behind the wheel. Shri Nathji had always praised his driving ability and had called him the best driver in the whole world – which was what he had become after being blessed by Shri Nathji. There was a moment when Victor had to apply the brakes when the car was at top speed, even as a man swerved into the middle of the road from nowhere. The car lurched to one side and would have left the road and crashed into the trees had it not been for a swift manoeuvre by Victor. Victor halted the car and got out of it. And, before Shri Nathji could restrain him, he caught hold of the man on the road and boxed his ears!
Victor could tolerate most insults in life but he could never bear anyone hurting Shri Nathji in any way whatsoever. He had often said that if he had been present at the time the men came with the revolver at Mussoorie he would have laid down his life for his Master to protect him from harm.
The car developed trouble along the way. It began to jerk sporadically and stop. Victor discovered that the petrol to the fuel pump was being hindered by dust in the petrol pipe that went from the fuel tank to the engine. The next instant Parmeshwari Das was seen applying his mouth to the opening of the fuel pipe, through which the petrol was put in the car at the back, and huffing and puffing into it with all his strength. The dust-kachraa – in the pipe was cleared and Shri Nathji was on his way.
Shri Parmeshwari Das found greater spirituality in this huffing and puffing into the fuel pipe of his Lord and Master’s car, than there was in a hundred meditations.
In this service lay the rewards of ages of good actions – karmaas – as Shri Nathji had often said in his Urdu Verse:

Tammannaa aabroo ki hai to kar khidmat fakeeron kee
Ye vo gauhar hai jo miltaa naheen shaahon ke khazeenon men

If thou wouldst desire greatness, then serve thou the men of God,
This is a diamond not found even in the treasuries of kings

Shri Nathji had also said in Persian:

Sohbate yak saayate baa aulia
Behtar az sad saalaye taayat be riyaa

One moment spent in the company of a man of God
Is of greater worth than a hundred years of meditation

The little service done by Parmeshwari Das for Shri Nathji had become immortalised in the pages of history. It was the only time in his life that such an opportunity was to come his way.
Shri Nathji had often said that man failed to properly utilise the time that was before him and then regretted afterwards the moments of life that were lost. How wonderful if some moments of life could be devoted to the service of God. These moments would be made eternal by Him.  Life was such a precious thing that it would never come again, and if it did, it would never return under the same set of circumstances. Fortunate was the man who seized the opportunity for the service of God, whenever it came, knowing that such a moment may never come again in his entire life or perhaps even in ages.