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On the train, Shri Nathji met a Muslim fellow passenger. The man was a scholar and intellectual. He was so struck by Shri Nathji’s glowing personality that he at once became devoted to him.
He listened to each and every word that Shri Nathji said in the moving train and all at once came to the realisation that the Being in front of him was none other than Lord Krishna.
He had, on the same route, and in the same train some years ago, had the darshan of Lord Krishna in his compartment. He felt that Lord Krishna had come to him again in the form of Shri Nathji. He was never to forget him for the rest of his life and carried Shri Nathji’s image in his heart. On the physical plane Shri Nathji never met him again. That one meeting had been enough.
Shyam Lal was so impressed by the episode that he wrote a letter to Mateshwari at Allahabad recounting the meeting, and speaking of the Divine Glow on Shri Nathji’s face at that time, and the greatness of the Lord in revealing himself to all prepared souls wherever they met him. Perhaps it was for that one man that Shri Nathji had undertaken the journey to Itarsi.