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Shakuntala’s husband, Shri Vaidya Raj Sudhanwa, passed away in Delhi after some years. Before he left the world, some impelling urge took him to Mussoorie to secure Shri Nathji’s darshan. When leaving Mussoorie, he asked Shri Nathji to write a verse in his notebook. It was the last time he was ever to see Shri Nathji. The verse was:

Kabhi kaabaa roo jo kharaa huaa
To haram se aane lagi sadaa
Teraa dil to hai sanam aashnaa
Tujhe kyaa milegaa namaaz men.

As I stood facing the Kaabaa
I heard a voice from within the mosque, cry:
‘Thy heart is filled with the desires of the world –
What willst thou gain from prayer?’

It was a verse that showed the futility of prayer when the mind of man was engrossed in the thoughts of the world and his prayer was a mere lip utterance alone.