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Dharm sansthaapnaarthaya sambhavaami yuge yuge

To establish righteousness I come into this world from age to age.

–The Geeta.

Once in thousands of years does that greatest of all miracles occurs when the Creator of the Universe enters His creation clothed in the garb of a human being. Hinduism, more than any other religion, speaks of such an event as the advent of the Avatar. After the advent of the avatars of Rama and Krishna, Hinduism awaited the advent of the Kalki Avatar, the last avatar of the age – who would usher in a new era.

Walking in the midst of millions of humans on earth, the Kalki Avatar would have been difficult to find, and even more difficult to understand, but for various distinguishing features. The Divine Radiance of His Beauty marked Him out as the handsomest of men. The Absolute Humility of his bearing portrayed Him as the humblest of beings, and the Absolute Divinity of His Soul revealed Him as God. The advent of the Avatar occurred in the twentieth century, and as of l992, the Kalki Avatar walked upon the earth amongst us. He had not come for any special faith or religion but for all of humanity. He lived upon the planet earth for 90 years from 1902 to l992. He saved the world from the most terrible destruction in its entire history. This book seeks to describe a hidden epoch, an event that escaped the notice of mankind. One day History shall record this event on its own and it shall remain as a guiding light for generations to come.

The people of the world had been waiting for some Great Being to manifest Himself. The Hindus spoke of the coming of the Kalki Avatar, the Christians spoke of the second coming of Christ, the Muslims spoke of the coming of the Imam Mehdi, the Buddhists envisioned Lord Maitreya. Every sorrow stricken soul in the world was waiting for Someone. Now either all these divine beings were to appear differently before different people at different times or else there was going to be just ONE PERSONALITY in which each would recognise his own. This was to be the culmination of evolution of faith in which people would realise that there was One God who cared for His people upon earth and who had come down upon earth in various forms in the past, and who had now manifested Himself in the personality of H.H. Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan; who had come for all, with the simple message that God was Love and God was Peace. The Advent of the Avatar is also portrayed in the following Urdu verse:

Jab kabhi chalti hai baade intazaare raihbari
Seenaye dariyaaye Haq kartaa hai ik soorat ayaan

Whenever the winds of expectancy sweep the earth for the coming of a Great Soul,
That Everlasting Ocean of Truth produces from its bosom such a Personality.