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One day a British officer came to Shri Babaji Maharaj while he was in the office and said to him:  “I am afraid of you!
Shri Babaji said in a humourous vein, Is my face so frightening that it should make you afraid? When I last looked at my face in the mirror it was not that bad. Perhaps the climate of Simla has adversely affected it!
The Britisher laughed and said:  “O Mr. Devi Das, but I am not joking. It is not your face that frightens me. It is your honesty.
Shri Babaji Maharaj said, Should you be afraid of an honest person?
The Britisher replied, We are afraid of you because we do not find ourselves to be as honest as you! And it worries us that you might someday see some shortcoming in us and report us to our superiors.
Shri Babaji Maharaj said:
It is not my part to look upon your shortcomings and to report them. My part is only to do my work here. But, yes–if it becomes my duty to report your faults, then I shall not hesitate to stand by the truth, even though it may put me or my sons or any other person in jeopardy.
“He who is with truth is with me. I can never side with anyone who denies the truth, not even if it be myself or anyone close to me!
The British Officer was so impressed by Shri Babaji Maharaj that he came to develop a great love and respect for him.