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Shri Babaji Maharaj used to say: Remember this world and its profits are not permanent. They are to go away just like everything else in life. The world ceases to exist when you go to sleep. A dream world appears before you, which appears to be real for as long as it lasts. Eventually even that disappears when you go into deep sleep. Yet there is something permanent that exists in each of the states – the world of the wakeful state, the world of dreams, and the world of deep sleep – something that experiences all these states and which is permanent while all the three states are temporary. That is your Real Self, your Soul.
“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own Soul? It is not wisdom to run after temporary profits and to forget the real profit of life. It is not wise to gain the world but to lose God.
“The truth is that which remains permanent. That which is temporary can never be the truth. One plus one is equal to two. This is an eternal truth that will remain permanent for as long as the world lasts. This world is changeable and perishable and will not last. God alone is permanent. The following Persian verses describe the world.

Cheest duniyaa sar ba sar purseed az farzaanaye
Guft, yaa khaabast, yaa baadast, yaa afsaanaye

A Wiseman was asked: what is that which we call the world?
And he said: ‘Tis either like a dream or like the wind, or like a story that comes to an end.’

Keest aankas ko baro shaidaa shavad jaan midihad
Guft, yaa devast yaa golast yaa deevaanaye

Who would give up one’s life for the love of this world?
The reply: a devil, or a will-o- the- wisp, or a madman!

“Remember never to alienate yourselves from God; and to keep away from all evil.

“Chhoti se chhoti buraayi barri se barri buraayi ki maa hoti hai!

“Even the smallest of wrongs is the mother of the greatest misdeeds to come. Therefore maintain a scrupulous honesty in everything you do.

“Use the things of the world taking them to be given by God. If you assert your own ownership on the things of the world and become attached to them, the objects of the world will become like fire; tempests and storms will come in your way, earthquakes will shake your resolve.

“The things of the world are meant to be like medicines for one’s vital needs. Beyond that when you use them for your luxury and enjoyment you are inviting trouble.