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There was a time in Simla when Shri Babaji Maharaj became ill. A doctor was called. The doctor examined Shri Babaji Maharaj.

Doctor:      Babaji, you are running a fever of 100 degrees. I will write down some medicine for you and also make out a medical certificate so that you can take leave from your office and rest at home for one week.

Shri Babaji: Doctor Sahib can you say with certainty that your medicine is a definite cure for any disease?

Doctor:      Babaji, if I do not know about medicines that can cure, then what kind of a doctor am I?

Shri Babaji: Tell me, can you make the fever come down in five days if its natural course is to be ten days?

Doctor:      No, Sir.

Shri Babaji:      If nature has intended that the fever remain for a week, and your medicine also allows it to remain for one week, then what is the use of your medicine?

Doctor:     Maharaj, the real fact is that we cannot cure the fever; we merely assist Nature in curing it! However if you have no faith in my medicine then you need not take it. I shall write out the medical certificate anyway.

Shri Babaji:      Doctor Sahib, why are you writing out the medical certificate for me when I am not going to take your medicine? According to the common belief, my sickness is likely to increase if I do not take any medicine. The government would then have to incur a loss as I lie sick on my sickbed for many days more. They would be paying me my salary when I would be doing nothing for them.
Under such circumstances do you think that your giving me the medical certificate would be proper and within the law? No. You must write a complaint against me and tell the government: ‘This person is refusing to take any medicine and it is likely that his illness may increase and the government would have to incur a loss!’

Doctor:      I am absolutely astonished at your words, the likes of which I have never heard in my entire life! Indeed such words can only come from a Personality who is Truth personified. Granted that I cannot be helpful to you in any way, would my purpose in coming here be only to complain against you? No, Maharaj! I can never do that! If that is what you wish, then you may please call another doctor and have him write the medical certificate or the complaint!

Shri Babaji: Doctor Sahib! If according to my belief your medicine cannot help me then I can also say that it cannot harm me either! Go ahead, therefore, and write the prescription, and the servant shall go and purchase the medicine, and I shall take it! This way you shall have no occasion to complain against me, nor shall the government suffer any loss, as everything will be in accordance with the accepted norms.

The doctor wrote the prescription as well as the medical certificate, and returned several times, thereafter, to look after Shri Babaji Maharaj. When Shri Babaji Maharaj had recovered completely and had begun to attend his office, the doctor came to him one day.

Doctor:      Maharaj, I cannot help but say this, that if God were to manifest Himself in the world, then it would be only through such a personality like yours, one which the world shall find difficult to understand.