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Shri Babaji Maharaj even wrote a long book in Urdu, giving wise counsel to the Maharaja on how to deal with his courtiers, ministers, and subjects and affairs of state.
In the book Shri Babaji Maharaj wrote philosophically, voicing a universal truth: “The ink on this paper shall remain on these pages long after the writer has gone.”
The Maharaja was acutely concerned about the welfare of Shri Babaji Maharaj and had placed a large bungalow–Malbe Vali Kothi– close to his palace, at the disposal of Shri Babaji Maharaj with all the comforts he could provide.
However Shri Babaji Maharaj very seldom used these material comforts and lived a spartan life, oblivious of his surroundings.  It was the intention of the Maharaja to bring up Shri Babaji’s children, Shri Nathji and Prem Nath and to look after them as his own. However Shri Babaji Maharaj would not allow it.
Those were strange days. A wave of divine intoxication had taken possession of all who came close to Shri Babaji Maharaj, not the least of which was Maharaja Hira Singh himself. An ocean of divine nectar spread its waves in the hearts of all.
Shri Babaji Maharaj had entered a state in which he was far away from himself in another world where nothing but divine bliss existed. The saints and sages who came for the darshan of Shri Babaji Maharaj at the time were greatly affected by his divine power. When Shri Babaji Maharaj spoke from his divine plane there were many who could not understand him. Shri Babaji Maharaj said:
This world shall look upon the imperfect as perfect and the perfect as imperfect!
He said:
This must be so, because the world itself is imperfect and cannot understand the perfect. In order to understand something outside of us we must first have it inside us. For example let us suppose that we have learnt only the letter A in the English alphabet. That letter exists in our minds, and when someone writes it on a blackboard we recognise it instantly. But if someone were to write B, we would never be able to understand it because we have never seen it before, and it does not exist in our minds.
The world can understand a person only to the extent that it possesses the knowledge to understand him; however if the person says something that is not in the knowledge of the world, then the world fails to understand him.
The programmes of Shri Babaji Maharaj had ceased to be his own. He was in a state where his I had ceased to exist, and, therefore, he had no desires within him.
As a consequence, it was the Divine Will that guided him at all times. Only those desires arose in him which were sent by the Divine Will. He had become like a dry leaf which has no programmes of its own, but is rather blown by the wind whither it wills.