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A Pandit of repute – a purohit – came to Shri Babaji Maharaj and asked him: “Maharaj! Can you tell me how much wealth you possess?”

Shri Babaji:      “Panditji! You have asked me a very difficult question. It is hard to answer how much wealth I possess. This is so, because I am in possession of such great wealth that it cannot be counted!”

Purohit:      “That is a strange reply indeed! I believe even the kings and emperors can count the amount of wealth they have in their treasuries. Do you mean to say your wealth is limitless?”    

Shri Babaji:      “Panditji, don’t be surprised at my answer. I shall place before you right now the worth of my treasury and you can see for yourself whether the wealth is limitless or not!”

Purohit:      “Maharaj! I am waiting with expectancy!”

Shri Babaji:      “Listen Panditji! All the wealth in the world belongs to God. And because He is infinite therefore His wealth must also beinfinite. The wealth of God is my wealth also, because I am his son!”

Purohit:      “But Maharaj! How can you be the only son? There are many others who can also claim to be his sons and thus claim his wealth. Even if you claim his wealth you can only get that part of it which falls in your share. As only one of His many sons, you cannot stake a claim to the whole of his wealth!”

Shri Babaji:      “Without doubt all who exist in the world are His sons. However each one has created a separate, independent, ‘I’ of his own and has staked a claim to the limited wealth which his limited ‘I’ desires. Having thus taken his share, he cannot now lay claim to the entire wealth of God! As a matter of fact he has disowned it. But I am like a child who has nothing in his own name. I have not established my own independent ‘I’ before God. I have no will of my own and my Father’s Will guides me. Therefore everything that belongs to my Father belongs to me as well. And since His wealth is infinite, neither you nor I can count it! If you would conceive of that infinite wealth then just think of the infinity of God!”

This belief that Shri Babaji Maharaj held was not merely a belief, but it was a reality that existed in each and every action of his life. It was impossible for a third person to fathom the spiritual state in which Shri Babaji Maharaj existed all the time.