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The annihilation of the I was explained by Shri Nathji using the example of the flame on a wick.
The fire of the flame can only reveal itself when there is a wick which burns with it. Ultimately the wick burns itself out in order to reveal the flame. The wick is the I of man, which serves the temporary purpose of revealing the existence of God through itself. As soon as the I burns completely, there is God and only God. The voice that comes from such a personality is then not the voice of his own I rather it is the voice of God.

Bekhudi ke husn ko toone dobaalaa kar diyaa
Ai fanaaye range hasti kyaa teraa aijaaz hai

Thou hast made beautiful the glory of self-forgetfulness
O thou colour of annihilation, such is thy miracle!

Shri Nathji often narrated the story of the Sufi Saint, Mansur, who was crucified by his enemies for blasphemy because he said: Analhaq– I am God!
According to Shri Nathji it was not Mansur who said these words, it was God Himself. The I of Mansur had annihilated itself long ago and the I that was acting through Mansur was the I” of God, which said these words.
Shri Nathji explained that, in a silent way, this was the voice of every atom in the Universe.  However, the voice was heard when it came from living beings through whom God manifested Himself.
Before Mansur was crucified, this is what he said:
Man namigoyam Analhaq yaar mi goyad bigo
Choon na goyam bar sare baazaar mi goyad bigo

It is not I who am saying I am God, it is God Himself who makes me say so,
How canst I not say this in the baazaar when it is He who makes me say it.