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In the words above, Shri Nathji was revealing a wealth of spirituality. When a person asked Shri Nathji once:
God created the world. But why did he make it so imperfect?
Shri Nathii said: So that some work could be left for you–to make it perfect! Taake kuchh kaam aapke liye bhee chorr diyaa jaaye–usse perfect banaane kaa!
This was Shri Nathji’s answer to the people who complained of the misery in the world:
It is not enough to say that all this is God’s Will upon earth. We must also ask ourselves, what is our part in this scheme of creation? If there is misery in the world, we must ask ourselves: what is our part to help remove the misery?
Jagdish, the son of Shri Bhutt, had a devotion in Shri Nathji and Mateshwari that was equal to the devotion that his parents had, if not more. He was a well-educated young man preparing to become an I.C.S. officer and studying law, however he gave up everything to be with Shri Nathji for those tragic days.
The one who was most worried about Shri Nathji’s arm was Mateshwari. She endured unbearable agony whenever she saw Shri Nathji in pain, and prayed fervently to him to cure himself.
She herself was in weak health during those days and had two children to look after. Plans were made to go to Lucknow for medical treatment.
Shri Nathji’s brother, Prem Nath, asserted himself and wished to be at Lucknow with Shri Nathji. This dissuaded Mateshwari from going to Lucknow with Shri Nathji, because she knew that her presence there would be irksome to Prem Nath and his wife and they would only make matters difficult for Shri Nathji. Besides she was too weak physically to travel to Lucknow in the hot and humid weather of August 1942.
For Mateshwari, physical separation from Shri Nathji was unendurable, but she had borne it for his sake in 1941, when she sent him to Mussoorie for the sake of his health and remained behind at Dehra Dun.
It appeared that another period of separation was in the offing. Shri Nathji, too, did not wish to take Mateshwari with himself to Lucknow because of the stress and strain that she would have to endure there in the hot weather, especially with Prem Nath and his wife present.
Shri Nathji was finally persuaded by Mateshwari to go to Lucknow alone, for medical treatment.
It was decided that she would remain behind at Naini Tal at Seven Oaks Cottage along with Veeran Devi, Munniji (Shri Nathji’s sister) and Sardar Basant Singh, while Shri Nathji would go down to Lucknow along with Jagdish and Devki Nandan Kasera.