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Shri Nathji stayed at first in the lower East Side of Dilaram Estate and then shifted to the lower West Side in July 1943. It was there, at Dilaram Estate, Mussoorie, that Shri Nathji’s arm began to gradually and miraculously heal itself, even though he was in unbearable pain at that time.
The Second World War was still going on in 1943, and Shri Nathji had taken the pain of the world upon himself. Shri Nathji was to say in later years:
“No human being could have endured the pain I had in my right arm during those two years.”
His exact words in Urdu were:
“Maine jo dard apne daayen baazoo par do saal bardaasht kiyaa, koyi insaan naheen bardaasht kar saktaa thhaa!”
Mankind would owe a debt to the sacred mountains of Mussoorie, which were instrumental in restoring Shri Nathji’s health. Shri Nathji had always said that Mussoorie was in fact Kailash Bhoomi, the legendary abode of Lord Shankar.
Sahadeva Tayal, the loyal devotee of Shri Nathji, who was the grandson of the famed Sir Ganga Ram of Lahore, attended upon Shri Nathji day and night along with Jagdish the son of Shri G.P. Bhutt. Sardar Basant Singh was also with him as were Mateshwari and the children.
Those who loved Shri Nathji dearly could not bear the thought of his delicate, beautiful body enduring physical suffering for any reason whatsoever, although they knew it was for the sake of the world.
Shri Nathji used to say:
“Do not think that I do not feel any pain in my body. In fact the pain that I feel is far greater than that which an ordinary human could endure. This is so because I am not accustomed to coming in the human body upon earth!”
Shri Nathji had once said:
Christ endured crucifixion for a few hours but I have endured crucifixion all my life. I am sitting on a throne of Fire.
However, Shri Nathji never complained about these physical sufferings, and instead was engrossed in giving peace to the world around him.
The manner in which he wrapped his turban around his head with such perfection, with only his left arm, was a miracle in itself.

Portraits of the time reveal an unusual divine glow on Shri Nathji’s face. With the right arm in a sling, Shri Nathji could only put on an achkan with great difficulty.
A special dark blue achkan had been made for him in which extra space and a zip had been provided at the right arm.
A special greyish white woollen cloak was made for him which he could wear over his achkan, and which covered the injured right arm as well.
Shri Nathji wrapped a red and black checked woollen scarf around his neck in the bitter cold of Mussoorie at the time.
His turban was of a pale orange colour and wrapped to perfection.