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With the coming of Mateshwari, a greater order came into Shri Nathji’s life. She was able to control Shri Nathji’s manner of living and to see that Shri Nathji got the rest that he needed. Mateshwari would always say that the first thing she did after marriage was to throw out all the bottles of medicine and tonics that Shri Nathji kept with him for his digestion and indifferent health.
Indeed, after the coming of Mateshwari, Shri Nathji actually began to put on weight, his face become fuller, and his voice and gait more powerful than ever before. It appeared that with the passage of time Shri Nathji’s divine beauty had only increased. As a young man and a bachelor he was the handsomest man in the world, and as a married man he became the most beautiful husband in existence.