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In one of his sermons at Allahabad in 1942, Shri Nathji said:  Whenever a good impulse comes to you, act upon it immediately.
After the sermon, he found Justice Bajpai of the Allahabad High Court waiting to say something.
Huzoor, said Justice Bajpai, I wish to invite you to my house, and to take you there now.

But isn’t it all very sudden ? Shri Nathji asked.
You just said in your sermon that a good impulse must be acted upon at once! said Justice Bajpai, my car is waiting outside! Let us go!

Justice Bajpai, said Shri Nathji, at the moment, there is no thought within me to go to your house.

Then is there a thought within you that you must not go to my house? Justice Bajpai asked.

There is no feeling either way, said Shri Nathji, it is neither negative nor positive.

What would you order me to do? Justice Bajpai asked.

I have told you of my own position, said Shri Nathji, and I leave you to be your own judge.

Justice Bajpai thought for a while, and then he bowed before Shri Nathji and took his leave, saying: I have come to a decision.

Later that night, at around 10-30 p.m., Shri Nathji called for a car, and said to his attendants: Justice Bajpai is calling me. I must go to him!

He must be sleeping at this time, they said, he goes to sleep promptly at nine.

But Shri Nathji would not be dissuaded.
As Shri Nathji’s car reached Justice Bajpai’s bungalow, Shri Nathji saw Justice Bajpai standing in the portico.
Justice Bajpai bowed before Shri Nathji and welcomed him into his house with a beaming smile on his face.

Did you come out into the portico upon hearing the sound of the car? Shri Nathji asked Justice Bajpai.

No, Maharaj, Justice Bajpai said, I had been waiting in the portico from a long time for your arrival! Some inner voice was telling me that you were coming. You had told me to be my own judge. And my judgment was that you would fulfil my desire.

Every true desire must find fulfilment, Shri Nathji had said very frequently. No better example of this maxim could have been found anywhere else than in the episode above.
Justice Bajpai awakened his children and asked them to seek Shri Nathji’s blessings. He also brought Narcissus flowers for Shri Nathji
These flowers, said Shri Nathji, are like eyes wide open. What a wonderful thing it would be if man could look at God with such eyes that never close! The eyes of man shut and open with each twinkle. Thus his eyes are shut for half the time he is awake. Would that man could acquire the eye of the Narcissus to see God! And not lose Him even for one moment!

Nazzaare ko ye jumbishe mizgaan bhi baar hai
Nargis ki aankh se tujhe dekhaa kare koi

The twinkling of the eyes is a burden
When there is a vision of beauty before them!”
Would that one could look upon Thee with the eye of the Narcissus!