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Mateshwari was deeply concerned about the state of affairs in the Dehra Dun house where Prem Nath and his wife and in-laws were virtually ruling the roost. The moment she tried to set things in order she became the target of Prem Nath’s ire and that of his wife and in-laws. Mateshwari had deep respect for these people, because they were Shri Nathji’s relatives, and never spoke a word in retaliation, no matter how deep rooted the insults and humiliations they tried to heap upon her. She would not even complain to Shri Nathji about their attitude until Shri Nathji found out on his own and severely reprimanded them.
Prem Nath and his family knew that they were living with Shri Nathji only at his sufferance and could not afford to annoy him, but at the same time they knew of his innocent nature which could melt in a moment before tears of repentance, genuine or assumed. Many a time Prem Nath would fall at the feet of Shri Nathji and Mateshwari begging forgiveness. Prem Nath and his wife knew that Shri Nathji would never ask them to leave the house and would go on looking after them, no matter how much they continued to impose upon him and Mateshwari. And they took advantage of  his kindness and ensconced themselves in the house more firmly than ever. The house at Dehra Dun became the prized treasure that they sought to possess.
Prem Nath’s in- laws would live in the house and have meat prepared for themselves in the kitchen. They would also indulge in the drinking of wine and even try to coax Prem Nath to drink along with them. However Prem Nath would seldom, if ever, indulge in wine due to his innate spiritual qualities. Shri Nathji and Mateshwari bore this in silence for a long time, even though it was anathema to Shri Nathji’s devotees. Sardar Basant Singh and Gopal Kasera, who were living with Shri Nathji at the time, were often the victims of the wrath of Prem Nath, and his in-laws, who would beat them in bouts of drunkenness.
It appeared that the forces of evil were taking root in their minds. It was the Ramayana being re-enacted all over again. The relatives of the Lord were destined to become the agents of the powers of darkness. This had been so in the age of Lord Rama and also in the age of Lord Krishna, and indeed even at the time of Lord Buddha. It was history repeating itself.
The Dehra Dun house was a magnificent place. It had belonged to a certain Pandit Kashinath Tankha who had been devoted to Shri Nathji and had sold the house to him at the low price of Rs.14,000. The house was built on an area of five bighas which was nearly four thousand five hundred square yards. There were two tennis courts and two fish ponds in the open lawn outside. The place was lined with apple orchards. The main bungalow had sixteen rooms in all. There were two adjoining sets of eight rooms each. One set was occupied by Shri Nathji and the other by Prem Nath.
Devki Nandan Kasera and his wife, Indermani, and their son, Nand Kishore, along with Gopal Kasera, lived with Shri Nathji and served him in any way they could. There were eight servants’ quarters where these devotees lived along with Sardar Basant Singh. Indermani prepared the food for Shri Nathji and his family. Gopal Kasera washed the dishes. This was an earning for which they were going to be rewarded materially as well as spiritually. Once when Mateshwari went into the kitchen to cook for herself, Devki Nandan came before Shri Nathji and said with tears in his eyes, Huzoor, this is our rozi, our earning, please don’t take it from us!”
Gopal Kasera used to say: “Whenever I clean a katori of Shri Nathji, I feel as if I have obtained the fruits of a thousand yagnaas–spiritual rites.   
Gopal Kasera would attend to the child, Pran Nath, and play with him, using a solar hat that Pran Nath would spin around, saying: Topi-topi dandaa! Gopal Kasera would often say that whenever Pran Nath played with the hat some world events would take a turn for the better. It appears as if he is playing with the world! Gopal Kasera would say.
Shri Nathji arranged to send Nand Kishore, son of Devki Nandan Kasera, to College, and paid for his education. The other brothers, Shyam Lal Kasera and Ganni Lal Kasera would also be frequently seen on the premesis at Dehra Dun doing whatever service they could do for their Lord and Master, Shri Nathji.
Gangabai Bhutt like Kaali
There was the time when Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt visited Dehra Dun and was greatly pained at seeing how Prem Nath and his relatives were misbehaving with Shri Nathji and his family and devotees. One night her countenance assumed a dreadful expression – that of the goddess Kaali – and she frightened the wits out of these persons, knocking on their doors and staring into their window panes at night. For a while there was peace, but no sooner would the first opportunity present itself when these antagonists would be up to their old tricks again. Their intentions appeared to be clear enough–and these were to drive Shri Nathji and his family away from the house, so that they could claim it as their own. Both, Shri Nathji and Mateshwari, had become aware of their schemes and were preparing for the worst.