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The cold and humid climate of Naini Tal was not at all health-giving like the dry mountain air of Mussoorie. Shri Nathji often attributed the humidity to the lake in Naini Tal, and frequently said how his arm trouble had intensified there.
The pain in his right arm had become so intense at Naini Tal that Shri Nathji found movement of the right arm difficult. Photographs of those days show Shri Nathji with his right arm in a white cloth sling talking to people. Naini Tal was new to Shri Nathji and he knew only those people who came from the plains of the Punjab or U.P. Even then, large numbers of people recognised Shri Nathji to be the famed Nathji of Lahore, and flocked to him so that he found no respite from crowds there.