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To become a Brahmgyaani does not mean to lose all concern or love for one’s fellow human beings. The devotees of God know He is all powerful and above all pain and suffering, but they must accept the frailties He imposes upon Himself when He comes down to earth in human form, Shri Nathji said.
Shri Nathji used to narrate the story of Draupadi in his own inimitable way as follows:
There was a time when Lord Krishna cut his finger. The blood was oozing out of the wound and Lord Krishna did not know how to stop it. He was looking frantically hither and thither for a piece of cloth, which he could wrap around the finger.
Draupadi happened to come in just then and saw the plight of the Lord. Although she had full faith that Lord Krishna was God and could cure himself, yet the thought of seeing his sacred blood fall to the ground was unbearable for her. She immediately tore a piece off her expensive silk saree and applied the cloth to the wound on Lord Krishna’s finger.
Many days later Draupadi found herself surrounded by her tormentors, the wicked Kauravas, in an assembly where her husbands sat helplessly. The evil Dushashana was bent upon disrobing her in full public view to humiliate her. Not a voice was raised in protest nor any helping hand extended by anyone. For a while Draupadi held on to her saree as Dushashan pulled on it to tear it off her body. But then she realised her strength was insufficient and that she could not hold on any longer. She let go her grasp on the saree, and shut her eyes praying desperately to Lord Krishna to save her.
And then the miracle of all miracles occurred, as a countless number of sarees appeared to clothe her.  Every time Dushashan would remove one saree, he would find her draped in a new one. This continued until Dushashan and the Kauravas gave up, and Draupadi was saved the worst humiliation of her life.
Later, when she met Lord Krishna, she had two questions to ask of him. The first was:
O Krishna! You came, but you came after such a long time!

And Lord Krishna said:
Draupadi it was not I who delayed coming, it was you who caused the delay. Every time I would extend my hand to grasp your saree I would find your hand there! How could I place my hand on your saree when yours was already there! It was only when you gave up all your efforts and let go of the saree that I came to your help! I did not delay, then, even for an instant!

The second question that Draupadi had to ask of Lord Krishna was:
O Krishna! You had so much divine power with yourself that you could give me a countless number of sarees when I was in need! But where was that divine power when your own finger was cut and you were searching for a little piece if cloth? Could you not have created a piece of cloth for your own finger?

And Lord Krishna said to her:
Draupadi if I had created a piece of cloth for my own cut finger what excuse would I have found for giving you a countless number of sarees! Agar main apni kati unglee ke liye aap kaprraa paidaa kar letaa to tumhen kyaa bahaanaa banaakar laakhon saarriyaan detaa!
He, who could give a countless number of sarees to Draupadi, could surely have materialised a small piece of cloth to tie on his own wound. But he did not do this, so that Draupadi might be given a chance to serve him. It was in such an interplay in human form that God manifested His divine powers to his devotees and worked for their salvation.