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The story of Mata Saraswati Devi’s devotion to Shri Babaji Maharaj showed to the world that the greatest worship of God is Love.
Shri Nathji used to tell the following story to illustrate a devotee’s love for God in human form:
Lord Krishna had a severe headache that nothing could relieve. His wife, Rukmini, was in a quandary. The best of Vaidyas had failed.
Lord Krishna, seeing her anguish, said to her: “Rukmini, if you will apply the dust of your feet to my forehead, my pain will vanish!”
Rukmini was filled with horror: “The dust of my feet on your forehead! It would be sacrilege of the highest order! I would have to spend lakhs of births in hell, for the sin! No! No! Do not ask of me such a thing!’ Lord Krishna did not insist.
Radha appeared on the scene. She, too, was in great anguish when she saw the suffering of Lord Krishna, and Lord Krishna said to her: “My pain will go, if only you will apply the dust of your feet to my forehead!”
Radha said: “If I do that I will have to spend lakhs of years in hell. But I will be very happy to suffer those years in hell, if only your headache can be relieved.”
And saying this, she brought the dust from her feet, and was about to apply it to Lord Krishna’s forehead, when he stopped her and said: “Stop! The pain has gone by itself!”
It had been merely a test. The Lord wanted to know how much suffering his devotee could endure for His sake.