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Shri Som Datt Khera and his wife, who had first met Shri Nathji at Kohmuree and become his loyal devotees, offered their house at 18A Elgin Road, Allahabad, for Shri Nathji’s stay there. Perhaps it was to give fulfilment to the souls of these people, as also several other seeking souls at Allahabad, that this divine plan had been made by Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji often used to say:
“Rooh kis rind ki pyaasi gayi maikhaane se
Mai urri jaati hai Saaki tere paimaane se

What seeking soul left thy drinking tavern in thirst,
O Saki! The wine from thy cup goes a-flying after him!”

And thus it was that the holy city of Allahabad was made more holy by the touch of Shri Nathji’s feet.
Large crowds thronged for his darshan at  18A Elgin Road. Shri Nathji drenched all in his nectar of Divine Love. Numerous were the souls that were satiated, and numerous, too, the persons who saw God in Shri Nathji and found fulfilment.
Shri Nathji would often say:
I am like the dry leaf which has no tree of its own. Ask of it where it shall be tomorrow and it shall say: ‘Ask the wind’!  In a like manner I am driven hither and thither by the prayers and desires of those who have been searching for me in this world since ages.
Shri Nathji would also quote the Persian verse Shri Babaji Maharaj used frequently:

Rishtaye dar gardanam afgandaa dost
Mee burad har jaa ke khaatir khaaye ost

My friend has thrown a string around my neck,
And leads me wheresoever He wills.

Shri Nathji was at Allahabad with Mateshwari and their children. Mrs Khera would fondly cradle the babe Priya Nath in her arms and look after him. Mrs. Veeran Devi and the Kasera brothers were also with Shri Nathji at the time as was the loyal devotee Sardar Basant Singh.
A photograph of 1942 shows Shri Nathji seated in the midst of a well-dressed and elegant group of persons some of whom were eminent lawyers and judges of Allahabad, the most prominent amongst these being Justice Bajpai. The photograph was preserved by Shri Nathji for years afterwards to remind him of his loyal devotees of the time. It was a portrait that showed the babe Priya Nath in the arms of Veeran Devi standing in the group of devotees around Shri Nathji, and Pran Nath sitting in the midst of Shri Nathji and Mateshwari on a sofa.