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It was the 7th of May 1939. The time for the marriage came. A magnificent ‘baraat’ -wedding procession of the groom set out for the residence of Lala Hargopal Khanna. Shri Nathji, in a sparkling ‘zari ki achkan,’ and a turban with a ‘Kalgi’, sat on the decorated mare – ghori. From the State of Kapurthala, a crown and a sword had arrived for Shri Nathji.
Shri Babaji Maharaj walked with the ‘baraat’, as did hundreds of others. He was wearing a pink turban.
The earth was resplendent with the vestments of a Light Divine. Celestial music appeared to fill the air and invisible gods and goddesses, devis and devtaas appeared to hover above, sprinkling invis­ible flowers that filled the earth with fragrance.
People who walked in the baraat appeared to be transported to another world. They were, as if intoxicated by a divine wave that filled the atmosphere.

Shaihzaade kaa jaloos hai ab takhte zaat par
Har zarraa sadke jaataa hai nagmaa saraa hai aaj.
It is the Procession of the Crown Prince
Sitting On the throne of His Glory,
Every particle gives itself to Him, and sings a song of joy!

In the ‘baraat’ were mingled the rich and the poor, the intellectuals and the illiterate; men, women and children. The shopkeepers came out of their shops and joined the procession. Sadhus, mahatmas, and Muslim fakirs with hookahs and chillums, mingled with the baraatis. All wanted to be present on the occasion of Shri Nathji’s marriage. It was God walking on earth again, displaying His ‘leela’ amongst mortals.
It was the marriage of Lord Rama being enacted all over again.
The Englishman’s Car
As the baraat wound its way through the city, a car driven by an Englishman drove up from behind and entered into its midst. Despite the protests of the people in the procession the Englishmen continued to drive ahead of the Ghori -the mare-on which Shri Nathji was seated.
The baraat had barely moved one furlong when the car was found parked to one side of the road. A certain Diwan of Kapurthala State, who was one amongst the baraat, thanked the Englishman for being so considerate.
The Englishman said: Don’t thank me. My car has broken down. I had to stop it on this side. It appears there is some great and powerful Being on that mare, whom I did not recognise. Give my salutations to Him.