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Whenever Shri Nathji would walk with Mateshwari by his side, people in the streets would stop and stare and exclaim with fascination:
Wah! Kyaa jorri hai! What a beautiful couple!
It was truly Laxmi and Narayana walking upon the earth again. On one side there was Shri Nathji, dressed more beautifully and more royally than ever, now that Mateshwari took care of his clothes, wearing a golden silk turban, a black achkan, white chooridars, well-polished black leather shoes, and a rose in his button-hole.
On the other side there was Mateshwari looking resplendent in a pink saree made more beautiful by the divine grace that Mateshwari gave to it, her face full of the divine light of Shri Nathji, a face that was the loving face of a mother who looked upon all the people of the world as her children, and who looked upon Shri Nathji as God, the Universal Father of all.
Mateshwari would protect and shield Shri Nathji with the strength of the Goddess Durga, if need arose, and those who were inclined to take advantage of Shri Nathji, were kept at a distance by her.
Shri Nathji would refer to Mateshwari as:
“Mushkil kushaa!
The remover of difficulties!”
Even though Mateshwari derived immense happiness from the task she had of looking after Shri Nathji day and night, yet her life was not a happy one in the worldly sense. This was because of her delicate heart–the heart of a mother that could not see her children in sorrow and suffering.
She had always said to Shri Nathji, Take one, and give a hundred in return! Ek leyo aur sau deyo! Be generous to the world!
She would also say to Shri Nathji:
“If your children should ever err, you can pull their ears, but do not punish them!”