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The baraat had swelled to several hundred people. Lala Hargopal had provision for only a smaller number of persons. The food was being prepared by especially called cooks from Kashmir, but there was apprehension of there not being enough food for the hundreds that had arrived.
Lala Hargopal remembered the words of Shri Babaji Maharaj: We do not ask anything of you. You may give whatever you like to your daughter in the marriage. But there is one damand – that none of my baraatis should go away dissatisfied! Hamaaraa koyi baraati naa khush naa jaaye!
Lala Horgopal had tried very hard to satisfy the baraatis, but the number had suddenly become so large that he couldn’t cope with it!
And the miracle of all miracles was that all people present ate to their hearts content! It was as if an inexhaustible storehouse of food had appeared. It was a divine revelation, in which the power of God was made manifest.
Never had the people assembled at the marriage seen such a dashing, radiant prince full of the glory of God. It was Rama and Sita, Shankar and Paarvati, Naaraayana and Lakshmi, appearing in the forms of Nath and Savitri all over again. As Shri Nathji entered into the bride’s home, resplendent in his glittering gold and silver ‘zari ki achkan’ and golden turban, the guests, many of whom were Savitri Devi’s college friends, gasped with astonishment as they looked upon Shri Nathji’s divine beauty. Never before had mortal eyes beheld such beauty in human form.
Savitri Devi’s girl friends, who called her “Mitraan”, whispered in her ear:
O Mitraan! Your bridegroom is so handsome! Teraa doolaah barraa hee sonaa hai!”
Not a single baraati was dissatisfied. The marriage took place amidst waves of divine happiness. Lala Hargopal gave everything he could to his daughter at the marriage. All the friends, relatives and devotees-and even those who had harboured ill-feeling-appeared happy and contented.
Lala Hargopal’s friends and relatives–amongst which were the famous Sir Gokul Chand Narang and a collection of eminent lawyers and judges–were greatly satisfied with the match he had chosen for his daughter. All of Nature appeared satisfied, for this union paved the way for the salvation of mankind.
There was rejoicing in the Heavens, for the Divine Shakti that had come from there, had entered the earth and had begun its work.
Shri Babaji Maharaj was happy. His work in life was drawing to a successful close.
And he said:
This marriage is not a worldly marriage. It is a Divine Union. From this Union shall come joy and happiness to the world.
Letters and telegrams poured in from all corners of the country. People were happy that Shri Nathji was not alone any more. For the devotees, the marriage was a Divine Union Day. The avatar had come into his own. He would now pass through the same phases of existence on earth as did the rest of mortals. He would now be able to better understand the sorrows and joys of the world.
It was on May 7, 1939 that the Avatar of Shri Nathji upon earth became complete. His marriage at once distinguished him from the saints and sages.