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The year 1939 was bad for the world, because the Second World War had begun in Europe. There was the news of the wounded and the dying daily in the newspapers.
Numerous were the soldiers and civilians who were being killed and wounded. Mateshwari had a vision of this suffering–she saw wounded bodies, and weeping, crying, women, mothers who had lost their children, sisters who had lost their brothers, wives who had lost their husbands.
Mateshwari said to Shri Nathji: My anger goes out towards you! I have full faith that you can stop this suffering! Why don’t you do so? Why don’t you use your divine power to stop this war? If I were not fully convinced you were God, I would never feel this anger towards you! You have an infinite store-house of spiritual strength! But you are not using it!
It was noon, but Shri Nathji got up and switched on the light in the room.
“What are you doing?” Mateshwari asked him.
“I am switching on the light,” said Shri Nathji.
“But it is mid-day!” said Mateshwari.
“That is right,” continued Shri Nathji, “there is no need for the light in the day time. The electric current is there all the time–but we must use the light only at its appointed time.
“In a like manner, there is no need for the Divine Power to interfere at this stage of the drama. When the time comes, it shall begin to do its work by itself.”
Mateshwari said: You can convince my mind, but my heart cannot accept the situation. It is the heart of a mother!