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The atmosphere in the house at Dehra Dun had become tense. This was because Prem Nath, Shri Nathji’s younger brother, found himself being led away by his wife, Bimla and in-laws, now that Shri Babaji Maharaj was no more and his restraining influence was no longer prevailing. Shri Nathji had got Prem Nath married before he got married himself. Prem Nath’s wife and her family belonged to Kapurthala State, famous for its court intrigues during those early days of the Maharajas. Even though they had profound respect for Shri Nathji and touched his feet with reverence, they were badly shaken when Shri Nathji got married himself. They had been under the impression that Shri Nathji would never marry and would become an ascetic, and that the property that belonged to Shri Nathji would in natural course of time come to Prem Nath. However as soon as Shri Nathji had his first son, their hopes were dashed to pieces. They felt Prem Nath’s position had become insecure now that Shri Nathji had a legal heir. Often they would sit together with Prem Nath and rouse his worldly instincts and tell him to make his position secure at Dehra Dun.  Kabzaa sachhaa aur sab kuchh jhootaa – Possession is the only thing that is real, everything else is false! they would whisper in his ears.
Prem Nath had been pampered by Shri Nathji like a son, even though he was only two years younger than Shri Nathji. He felt his position threatened with the coming of Mateshwari on the scene. Whatever service-sewa-the devotees used to do for Shri Nathji would in the past all go over to Prem Nath, before the coming of Mateshwari. Shri Nathji would not keep a penny with himself. But after Mateshwari appeared on the scene, she began to manage the sewa of the devotees and to use it all for the benefit of Shri Nathji.
Prem Nath had expensive princely habits and was disposed to lavish expenditures, building up huge bills in shops and hotels. With the coming of Mateshwari he felt a hand of restraint on him, which soon became irksome to him. Many a time he was on the verge of revolt, as his worldly instincts– fired by his wife and in-laws made him forget his spiritual relationship with Shri Nathji. However always he would calm down at the last minute and beg forgiveness of Shri Nathji for any impertinences on his part.
He had full faith in the divinity of Shri Nathji–a faith that lasted right up to the last moments of his life. But at the same time he could not give up his habits inculcated since many years, when his writ held sway in Shri Nathji’s home and he had a free hand to do whatever he liked. Shri Nathji had two beautiful cars in the house at the time – one was a Master Buick and the other was a Hillman. However Prem Nath sold them both to meet his unending expenses.