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There was Shri Gopal Swami who got up on the 7th of October 2004, and declared loudly in a tearful voice before all:“I have just had a vision of Shri Nathji and Mahamateshwari standing on either side of Priya Nath, with Shri Babaji Bhagwan standing behind.”“THERE IS NO DIVINE POWER IN THE WORLD GREATER THAN THAT OF PARAM POOJYA PRIYA NATHJI –BECAUSE THE DIVINE POWERS OF SHRI NATHJI, MAHAMATESHWARI, AS WELL AS SHRI BABAJI BHAGWAN, ARE ALL COMBINED IN HIM!”Gopal Swami had been devoted to Shri Nathji since 1976 and his devotion had taken a new turn after the going away of Shri Nathji in his physical form.