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There was Shri Nathji with 1981upon him, still as young as ever, still as regal in bearing as ever, still as much active and sprightly as ever, his voice carrying a vibration that touched the soul; yes, here was Shri Nathji in 1981–just as much God as he was years ago.Bulbule naalaan gule taazaa se kaihti hai yoonThe Nightingale, a-weeping, says to the flower in full bloom,There were occasions when Shri Nathji would stay awake all night just trying to pen down the divine revelations he called ghazals. “Ye ghazalen hee peechhaa naheen chorrteen!”“These ghazals don’t leave me for even a moment!”Shri Nathji was leaving behind a treasure for the world, which was more precious to Priya Nath than all the scriptures of the world put together.