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As more time elapses, Shri Nathji is struck by fever again, probably from the catheter induced infection, and fears and worries fill the house again – the only person unconcerned being Shri Nathji himself, who continues writing and humming ghazals and meeting people with the same zest as always.“YE SHAREER HEE TO NAHEEN MILTAA. AAJ RAMA KRISHNA KE SHAREER KAHAAN MILTE HAIN!“It is this physical body which is very rare. Where can you find Rama and Krishna in physical form today?”“Hazaaron saal Nargis apni benoori pe roti hai“The Narcissus flower weeps for thousands of years over its sightlessness,Shri Nathji would explain this: the Narcissus flower is shaped like an open eye, but it has no sight. This is the fate of most people on earth. Thousands of years elapse before one with sight can emerge into the world–the Avatar, one who knows of the secrets of life and death and salvation.“YE CHEEZ YUGON KE BAAD AAYI HAI!“This Being has come after the passing away of ages!”There is also the verse, which keeps ringing in Priya Nath’s ears during those days for some reason he cannot explain:“Chali simate ghaib se ik havaa ke chaman gharoor kaa jal gayaa“From unknown regions came a wind that burnt to ashes the garden of pride,Pran Nath wrote another letter, telling Priya Nath:“Pranji ki chittee aayee Priyaji ko, ‘Bhayya aapne Pitaji ki itnee sewa kee hai; unki tamaam shaktiyaan aap men samaa gayee hain!’”