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Very soon it was Holi–the festival of colours. And Shri Nathji wrote his first ever ghazal on Holi:Kisne chhirrkaa hai jahaan par yeanokhaa rang aaj,Who has sprinkled this beauteous colour upon the earthThereafter, for the next few years Shri Nathji continued to write ‘Holi Ghazals’ at the asking of Priya Nath. His most beautiful one was:“Ye Holi kaisi Holi hai “What a strange kind of a Holi is this which has brought with it ‘holiness’.”Even though Shri Nathji was walking around, Priya Nath knew he was very ill during those days, and was concealing his illness from Priya Nath, lest it cause Priya Nath undue alarm. “First class! These were also the last words that Shri Nathji uttered to Priya Nath in 1992 eleven years later just before he left his bodily frame: “Theek to hoon!”“PIYAJI!”As the years passed, Shri Nathji had become more and more dependent upon Priya Nath and had become ever so like a little child. Priya Nath had been holding him by the arm since many years, due to the eye problem that Shri Nathji faced, but as the years went by, he found himself holding on to Shri Nathji’s arm to keep him from stumbling or falling. Shri Nathji played his part as a human being to perfection. He went through all its phases–childhood, youth, middle age, old age, and finally death–with perfection, a perfection that could only have belonged to the All-Perfect.